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On The Spot Massage Therapy Gives Back

We volunteer our time to charity events only.
1 or more Therapist will come to your non profit charity event to donate their time and skill.  We will have a Massage-A-Thon at your event ---chair massages for $1 a minute for anyone who wants a chair massage. All proceeds are given to your charity. 

  • Max. of 2 Hours Per Event
  • Must be a Non-Profit Organization Event

We pick the charities we attend on Therapist Time Availability and Location of the event. We would LOVE to do every non-profit event, but unfortunately we can not. Please submit your event information below and we will be in contact with you. We will let you know if we can or can not attend.

For Health Fairs and Appreciation Days or any other events please visit our page on Chair Massage

Charities we are committed to every year:

  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • March of Dimes
  • Susan G. Komen for the Cure®

Other Fundraiser Events we donated to

  • Amber Wilkins benefit
  • Millard Schools 
  • Kevin Grecwic Benefit
  • Time to Heal
  • Ridge McCall Benefit
  • Time to Heal
  • United Way
  • Auction for Hailee
  • MOPS
  • Open Door Mission
  • Many More!

Charity Event
Name of Charity
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